Fabrics of Our Pass

Steel, vintage cotton fabric


Hotel Indigo

El Paso, TX

This installation tells the story of El Paso through the geography of the city. Enmeshed in the city are personal, family and civic histories that can be traced through the interlocking streets like woven textiles or pieced together like a patchwork quilt. The city is a living organism; the streets are the life lines and the neighborhoods are the cells. The Rio Grande, with its shifting shores, contours the landscape like the people shape the city with their customs, anomalies and daily patterns. El Paso, bounded by the Franklin Mountains and the Rio Grande, has been a crossroads for commerce and travel since the sixteenth century and a home to Native Americans from prehistoric times through the present. El Paso Del Norte or the Pass of the North has always been a traveled route, a point of entry and a meeting place that holds the collected history and interwoven cultures of its residents and visitors.

As my inspiration and reference, I used an El Paso city map and began tracing neighborhoods, trains lines, schools, highways and significant places.  I fabricated the forms with 14 gauge steel wire, which I then hand stitched using vintage fabrics. The utilitarian textiles of denim, mattress ticking and basic cottons used for grains sacks symbolize our basic needs, reference El Paso’s agricultural and textile industries while celebrating the citizens who make El Paso a home. 


AC Hotel Insta.jpeg



steel, linen

AC Hotel Times Square

New York City is a place where people from all over the world come together for travel and enjoyment or for business and work. There is a flurry of activity as so many hearts, minds and souls gather together in this spot and then disperse across the wide world. We are all part of this current moment in history that flows into the next moment and the one after that. We may have an experience here that defines us for years to come.

My aim in creating this sculpture is to take the idea of movement: waves carrying ships to port; a model walking the runway with the train of her gown billowing behind her; a flock of birds spreading across the sky or rising from a field; leaves spiraling on the autumn wind and slow them down to a mere fraction of their pace. Through this act of slowing, I create a calm and steady focal point, a spot for quiet contemplation and a place to take a moment to pause to reflect on your day, month, year, lifetime, or travels.

The components in this installation are created from half inch round steel rod and linen textile panels that are hand stitched onto the framework. Each component commands its own space and, yet, interacts with its neighbors much the same way we as individuals are self- determined and also defined by what is around us. When creating the shapes for these components, I took inspiration from the lines of clothing patterns (men’s shirts, dresses, etc.) to pay homage to the historic textile industry of the New York Garment District. The blue and copper linen panels are hand stitched onto the framework to further celebrate the hand-work of textile labor and those individuals who worked in the textile factory where this AC Hotel building now stands.



steel, vinyl LPs

Red Hat Lobby

Raleigh, NC

Created with 14 gauge round steel wire that is brazed together, these gramophone/trumpet shapes are composed of the Raleigh city map to create an open lattice reminiscent of lace and red vinyl LPs are interspersed within the steel framework. The two trumpets are permanently connected as if in conversation with each other.  The forms call to mind the old toy telephone made of tin cans and string. Like this toy, it can be used to bridge the gap between two spaces and can be used to have secret conversations. The wirework of the map hints at the personal and collective histories that are embedded in the geography of the streets. The brass connections signify important diversions and intersections within these histories. The trumpet shapes are projecting and amplifying the essence of the city that bind generations together and create new connections between strangers. Red is the color of the heart, of love, of passion. It is a strong, vibrant color and the color of our blood and the life blood of this city.